Digital Leadership Training

Digital Leadership Training

Leadership skills for the digital work environment

✔  Become a better digital leader Achieve the best performance  Practical toolbox to lead your virtual team

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Duration: 4 hrs per module – 6 modules in total

Price: € 449,- per module – book individually or combined

Location: Remote or in-house options

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What will you learn?

Enable & empower people to collaborate, connect and lead in the digital world

You will know & learn:

  • a complete toolbox to lead and manage a virtual team without feeling a loss of control
  • how to choose the right tools and media
  • how clarifiy on roles and responsibilities 
  • how to increase motivation and commitment
  • how to measure performance when you don’t see the team
  • how to communicate effectively and authentically
  • what you can do to build a strong team spirit and develop a feeling of togetherness 
  • how to resolve conflicts and deal with difficult situations in a virtual team (that are different from onsite teams)
  • Furthermore: mastering self-organisation, build resilience, deal with change and pay attention to mental health

You will learn actions, methods, and interventions that will lead to the desired progress, performance, and results in your team.

Training Details


Training overview

The training consists of 6 training modules. You can book the modules individually or combine them into a single Discovery Training (4 hrs). 

Click on the tabs for details per module.

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