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AgileWalls Obeya Association Certificate

Start dates: 28 January | 3 March | 2 April | 7 May | 4 June

Timeslot: 13:00 – 17:00 CET

Price: € 449,- 

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Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews
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Excellent workshop, not only did I expand my knowledge of Obeya, but I received a crash course in MIRO and picked up many transferable skills along the way. The host were exceptionally knowledgeable and the event was expertly balanced with a good mix of learning by doing and sharing of information. Overall highly recommendable.
Thijs Wagner
Thijs Wagner
Co-founder Happy Tracker
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Fun, exciting and great training. For an Obeya newby, like me, it was good to follow and the bonus materials (all the building blocks) was a welcome gift. Bart and Dolf are fun persons and complementary trainers, flexibility in the training approach, engaging and not the listen-and-read type of training, but really pragmatic, collaborative and fun.
Leen Publie
Leen Publie
Scrum Master at Rijksdienst voor Pensioenen (RVP)
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Excellent workshop, nicely adapted to the needs of our team and organisation. Very practical and energizing to do. Giving some insights in how to visualize information. The process was very interactive and step by step.
Maaike van Zuijlen
Maaike van Zuijlen
Co-founder Happy Tracker
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Super insightful, practical, collaborative and fun! And just as important, the toolkit instantly inspires you to start experimenting with your own Obeya, whatever your challenge may be. Thanks guys, it was great working with you (again)!
Maartje Durge
Maartje DurgeGraphic Designer
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Awesome Masterclass from Bart Bongers and Dolf Reijnders!! Exactly what I was looking for. This will save me hours of time setting up my online whiteboards. The masterclass itself was highly energetic, fun and the hosts were exceptionally knowledgeable.
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What will you learn?

1. Online Whiteboard design – Using our modular elements

We will practice online Whiteboard design using AgileWalls modular elements. The technique behind the modular elements makes the elements easily click into place, making designing your Boards fast and easy.

2. Obeya methodology- What makes a good Obeya

In this training we will use the Obeya Methodology to guide your visual management set-up. Drafted by the Obeya Association, the 11 principles   guide Obeya development and allows focus on what the Obeya delivers in terms of results. New to Obeya? Learn more

3. Tooling training  – Tips & Tricks on tools

The training will take place in Miro, but will also cover similar tooling such as MURAL or MS Whiteboard. After the training you’ll have learned how to build visually attractive Boards on all three tools. 

4. Group learning – What design choices are made and why?

Being a professional yourself, you already have vital information and experience. It would be a waste not to learn from each other by investigating the design choices that were made, why and what for

Training Details

AgileWalls-Modular Elements for online whiteboards

Design your own Digital Obeya Room

Stunning Design

Our easy 'click on' modular elements make designing or changing designs very fast and easy.

Easy, fast & fun

Easier to use than the provided drawing options & templates (the elements ‘click’ into place)

Works on any digital canvas

AgileWalls adapts to the canvas of your choice: Miro, MURAL or Microsoft Whiteboard

Proven Designs and Structures

AgileWalls offers tried and tested designs, structures and templates.

About AgileWalls

We are on a mission to make life easier and collaboration more effective. 

The Obeya methodology

The Obeya model is an inclusive organizational model

The Obeya approach builds alignment and ownership across diverse groups of stakeholders to solve complex problems, drive cultural change and get work done. It is not just a facilitation style – it is a way of working, thinking, designing solutions and fostering innovation. It requires a position of overview and therefore thrives on good visual management techniques.

In short: Obeya is a method where multiple information sources are combined for optimal decision making by multiple parties simultaneously.

It demands both:

overview & alignment     as well as      detail & participation.

This makes the Obeya methodology an excellent governing model for organizations that work Lean/Agile.

Discover our Physical Obeya and Digital Obeya workspace

AgileWalls Obeya Room

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At AgileWalls we help you design your own Obeya Walls. Both for digital and physical use.

Our Wall setups are modular, so the design process is fast and effective.

Interested? Leave your details and receive some of our Wall designs for free!

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