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AgileWalls - Augmented Reality Whiteboard

Augmented Reality

Your Walls tell the story aided by Augmented Reality (AR). AgileWalls standard come with AR technology integration and we develop custom AR. 

Through AR a digital layer of information pops up from behind your physical information!

Have AR do the explanation for you. AR can answer questions, explain for you and guide people. You don’t even have to be there! 

Sounds amazing? It truly is. 

Tap that Wall!

Welcome to the office of the future!

It was never easier to involve your digital content in your physical meetings.

“Tap” your phone against a Wall Element of your choice and your own relevant background info will pop up on your phone. We connect every digital environment with our Walls.

The opportunities from this solution are literally endless. Questions? Get in touch! 

Digital Replica

Obviously you want your AgileWalls accessible both online and offline.

Using MURAL, Miro or MS Whiteboard you can easily create a digital replica.


AgileWalls - Almere Obeya Room
AgileWalls Mural Example gemeente Almere
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Augmented Reality

Tap that Wall