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Using the Obeya Methodology

We arrange information so your people can deliver value

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Sustainable & Inclusive decision making

"If you ever considered building an Obeya, make sure you team up with AgileWalls!"
jacqueline lampe - CEO RNW Media
Jacqueline Lampe

Transform your digital space into office solutions

From workspace to command centre

AgileWalls - No drilling required

Lean & Agile organizations thrive with Obeya

OBEYA - by the Obeya Association

Create your digital Obeya with AgileWalls

Works on any online collaboration tool

AgileWalls adapts to the tooling of your choice: Miro, MURAL, iObeya or Microsoft Whiteboard

Save Valuable Time

STOP spending time (re)creating Miro or MURAL boards

Practice the art of Simplicity

Our easy 'click on' modular elements make designing or changing designs very fast and easy.

Proven, Custom Designs

AgileWalls offers tried and tested designs, structures and tools.

Agile Walls is an easy-to-use, intuitive tool, that is highly recommended for any company that wants to start using visual planning in their organisation. It not only comes with a clear, hands-on structure but also is the rare combination of being insightful and practical at the same time.
Alize Hofmeester Twinxter
Alize Hofmeester
Founder of Twinxter & Author of Purpose Driven People

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At AgileWalls we help you design your own Obeya Walls. Both for digital and physical use.

Our Wall setups are modular, so the design process is fast and effective.

Interested? Leave your details and receive some of our Wall designs for free!

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The AgileWalls App is here

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