AgileWalls Use Cases

AgileWalls Use Cases

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Create a professional Obeya – fast & easy.

In an Obeya all relevant information is gathered in one physical space. The link between strategy and operation is literally visible with the eye.

You can now easily design your ideal Obeya setup using our design tooling.

Or get inspired by and download our proven Obeya Designs here.

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Workspace Design

Our clients often approach us with something – what used to be an effort towards structure and overview – that has become a chaos of brown paper and falling sticky notes.

We take you back to what you originally meant:

A Wall that is structured and organized.

That can be changed and improved when you want to.

Where all the elements can be moved and transported.

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Planning Walls AFTER
Brown Paper - Before BEFORE

Next Level Whiteboards

Our Mobile Walls are everything you wished for a “normal” whiteboard to be able to do.

Application 1: Mini Whiteboard

IMG 4072

Every Element can be used as lightweight mini whiteboard.

Take one to your meeting with the greatest ease.

Application 2: Team board

AgileWalls - use case take to team

When you return to your spot, just stick the element with the information back on the Mobile Wall when you’re done.

The Mobile Wall is used where you would normally find a “regular” teamboard.

Only now its mobility increased,  it became more versatile and the team can structure it to its own needs.

Application 3:
Department Wall

AgileWalls Mobile PI planning wall

All single Mobile Walls easily connect and turn into a giant department wall showcasing i.e. planning, strategy or other matters.

Using the backsides only the teamstructures remain intact. This way all the teamboards together shape your departments Planning! 

SAFe PI (Big Room) Planning

Using our modular Planning Wall organizing a large scale PI Planning event becomes effortless.

We get so many complaints about transporting huge surfaces that rip, or information gets lost.

We designed our Mobile Walls especially so they can easily be moved, built up and broken down. 

Time and time again


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Tech Integrations

AgileWalls - Augmented Reality Whiteboard

At AgileWalls we’re always looking for the perfect integration between digital and analog worlds. Functionality and human connection are at the centre of our solutions.

Our solutions align your physical and digital worlds:

Our physical walls are integrated with innovative technology that allows you to use all of your digital data instantly.

Our digital solutions are just as innovative; using smart design tooling, anyone can create great designs. Together we bring better collaboration to your doorstep.

Got an online design you’d like to see in your office? No problem, we provide the full package!

Design your Wall

Need inspiration for your ideal Visual Management?

We’ll email you our five proven Wall designs! These designs are especially strong when combined.

At AgileWalls you will get to a design that works!

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