Use Cases

Discover the versatile applications of our products. 


Use Cases

Besides Obeya boards, our product help create spaces for connection. Explore the different use cases of our AgileWalls products. Enhancing collaboration and efficiency.


Modular systems for creating inclusive Obeya boards, visually representing strategy and execution to reflect the organization's processes.


Visualize your organization's roadmap and planning on a large wall, displaying goals and team responsibilities for alignment toward objectives.

Strategy communication

Visualize strategy translation into execution clearly and accessibly, all while reflecting your organization's branding.


facilitates process understanding through structured, modular information visualization, offering clear cues to stakeholders.

SAfe PI Planning

Effortlessly organize large-scale PI Planning events with our modular Planning Wall. Easily move, set up, transport and dismantle the mobile walls.


An Obeya is a spacious area where strategy and execution converge, fostering inclusive and sustainable decision-making.

With our modular system, you can create Obeya walls accessible to all stakeholders. AgileWalls was founded out of a need for a robust product that allows for the design of an Obeya—from strategy to execution—in an effective and appealing manner.

Our clients utilize our walls to set up an Obeya that makes the strategy, through to execution and results, visible in a style that reflects the organization’s ethos.

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Visualize your roadmap and planning on a large wall in your organization. Clearly display the goals currently in progress and identify team responsibilities. This creates a panoramic view of the entire system, aligning all efforts towards achieving the organization’s objectives. Our system allows you to create an organized and modular structure.

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Lean / Continuous Improvement

AgileWalls assists in understanding processes by providing a space where information is visualized in a structured and modular fashion.

Our products deliver clear visual cues, making obstacles in the process immediately apparent to all stakeholders. Thanks to the modular system, you can tailor the walls to the process, allowing your visual space to evolve alongside your organization’s developments.

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Strategy communication

Create a central and accessible space where your organization’s strategy comes to life for the entire organization. AgileWalls helps to visualize the translation of strategy into execution in a clear and accessible manner, all in the branding of your organization!

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SAfe PI Planning

With our modular Planning Wall, organizing large-scale PI Planning events becomes effortless. The mobile walls are easy to move, set up, and dismantle. No more hassle with large surfaces tearing or losing information. Use our walls to visualize planning within the ART or foster connection by making portfolio objectives visible to the teams.

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Tech Integrations

AgileWalls - Augmented Reality Whiteboard

At AgileWalls we’re always looking for the perfect integration between digital and analog worlds. Functionality and human connection are at the centre of our solutions.

Our solutions align your physical and digital worlds:

Our physical walls are integrated with innovative technology that allows you to use all of your digital data instantly.

Our digital solutions are just as innovative; using smart design tooling, anyone can create great designs. Together we bring better collaboration to your doorstep.

Got an online design you’d like to see in your office? No problem, we provide the full package!

Design your Wall

Need inspiration for your ideal Visual Management?

We’ll email you our five proven Wall designs! These designs are especially strong when combined.

At AgileWalls you will get to a design that works!

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