Get serious about visual management

Transform collaboration with AgileWalls: where strategy meets execution on tangible, modular Obeya Walls

Physical Wall Solutions


Lightweight mini-whiteboards are easy to use and click in place automatically.


Let your Obeya reflect your process, company style and identity! We help you design your Obeya!


All elements are interchangeable. Continuously change, expand or improve your Obeya as your organization evolves.

Smart mounting systems

Our innovative magnetic mounting system ensures perfect placement. Not enough wallspace? Discover our mobile Walls!


Drawing from years of experience with Obeya, we have developed unique, visually captivating, and modular Obeya wall elements.

Visual mastery

AgileWalls' striking visual design not only enriches your workspace but also facilitates clearer, more engaging strategy communication


AgileWalls' modular design ensures adaptability for any team's needs, from mapping strategies to tracking progress, aligning perfectly with your dynamic business landscape

Fixed Walls

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Mobile Walls

1. Book online consult

Enter your information below and plan a free digital consultation with an Obeya expert.

2. Design your Obeya

We give you access to our online tool where you will design your very own Obeya using our modular elements.

3. Get a quote

At the end of our free consultation you will receive a non-commital quotation tailored to your situation.

Book your free online consult

Select an available time slot to book a free online consultation. We will explain more about our products, share case studies and you get access to our online design tool to start building your own customized Obeya!

"We have just had the AgileWall installed and will begin to use it next week. Very happy with the quality!
Thank you for your support to find a solution."
- David Binks
Aerospace Engineer at JWKane Precision Engineering

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