Physical Walls

Let's build your physical Obeya together

We believe that most value can be achieved by having real life interactions in a physical Obeya or in front of a real life strategy wall.

We have years of experience with Obeya and have developed unique, visually attractive and modular Obeya wall elements. Our walls will help you visualize and connect strategy with execution and improve collaboration within your organization.  

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We give you access to our online tool where you will design your very own Obeya using our modular elements.

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Nick Nijenhuis

obeya consultant

Physical Wall Solutions


Lightweight mini-whiteboards are easy to use and click in place automatically.


Create your own custom design tailor made into your corporate identity, logo & coloring


All elements are interchangeable. Continuously change, expand or improve your ways of working.

Smart mounting systems

Our innovative magnetic mounting system ensures perfect placement. Not enough wallspace? Discover our mobile Walls!

Custom AgileWalls Obeya Design

Mobile AgileWalls setup

Our cards and document holders with Nanocup® technology stick on any smooth surface

Get rid of those sticky notes and try our re-usable cards

Simply clean the cards with water after each use

Document holders in A3, A4 and A5 formats

Fixed Walls

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AgileWalls - Top Module in Front

Mobile Walls

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It’s 100% free, so worst case scenario you will have learned more about Obeya! 

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Nick Nijenhuis

obeya consultant


Bart Bongers


"We have just had the AgileWall installed and will begin to use it next week. Very happy with the quality!
Thank you for your support to find a solution! "
David Binks
Aerospace Engineer at JWKane Precision Engineering

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