Physical Walls

Physical Wall Solutions

AgileWalls - No drilling required


Lightweight elements are easy to use and click in place automatically. Every element can be used as a whiteboard. Transform your walls in a heartbeat!


Some of our clients like bespoke and custom made elements . If needed, you can work with our designers directly. We will transform your vision into visuals.

AgileWalls - No drilling required


All elements are interchangeable. This way you can always change, expand or improve your ways of working. We make an effort to assure your design constantly suits your needs.

Easier than IKEA

Easy fix. No drilling holes. The innovative mounting system combines removable yet strong wall-sticker upon which the elements are placed. Your designs are always straight and level.

"If you ever considered building an Obeya, make sure you team up with AgileWalls!"
jacqueline lampe - CEO RNW Media
Jacqueline Lampe

How it works

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Design your own Wall using our modular and easy – to – use setup. Our online tooling allows you to try out some cool designs. And test them out!

Our experts love to help. Get in touch here and we will set you up. 

Our goal is to make your visual management easy and jawdropping.  

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The Wall elements click into place with magnets on our removable wallpaper. Our production is performed CO2 neutral.

You can use your own walls or get flexible with some of our mobile walls; no problemo! We’ll send a professional over if you need a hand.

Straight lines & tight visuals, effortless at your disposal.

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Click your design effortless onto your new Wall. Our fool proof magnetic system ensures perfect placement of the modular elements.

The modular setup allows you to change your visuals again and again to suit your needs! This way the Wall will develop together with you.

Congratulations! You’ve just ordered collaboration per m2.

Fixed Walls


Mobile Walls

Tech Integrations

AgileWalls - Augmented Reality Whiteboard
AgileWalls aligns your physical and digital worlds

✔  Our physical walls are integrated with innovative technology that allows you to use all of your digital data instantly.

✔  Our digital solutions are just as innovative; using smart design tooling, anyone can create great designs. 


Got an online design you’d like to see in your office? No problem, we provide the full package!

Design your Wall

Need inspiration?

Receive five proven Wall Designs in your e-mail. The designs can be combined with each other endlessly. This way you’ll always find a design that works! 

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